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Farewell but never goodbye

The last eleven years have been amazing.

We have met so many wonderful people. We have seen proposal, hosted weddings, anniversarie, birthdays even had waters breaking in the restaurant! We have watched children grow and even found time to have children ourselves and raise our wonderful daughters Kennedy, Kaya and Marlie.

The beautiful building has wrapped us in love and good times and we hope that we have provided that feeling for many others coming into our restaurant our home.

As for our staff, we have been so lucky with committed, supportive staff who we always saw as an extension of our family and who, without them, Relish would not have been the success it has been.

Of course there has been hurdles along the way, recessions, fuel increases, minimum wage, VAT increases to name a few and of course health issues to face and fight to ensure the business remained successful. More recently though South Norfolk Council presented us with another issue and on this occasion, although working with them to resolve, we feel the fight of running a business is now too much of a challenge in this already difficult industry and feel that without the communication and support of our local council this is a fight we no longer wish to be part of.

We love our jobs and everyday we are thrilled to offer customers great local produce made into award winning dishes, offer a warm inviting ambience, provide excellent service and love to share this knowledge with the hospitality staff of the future and so that's why this really is Farewell and not goodbye

From November we are moving our passion, energy and skills and joining a successful family run company in North Norfolk where we will continue to fulfil our dreams and aspirations. We will be closing the book of our story of Relish, however it will always have pride of place in our thoughts with too many happy, funny memories to forget but now it's time to select a new story, a new beginning with many wonderful chapters ahead. We hope our paths will cross again with the opening of the new venture set for December.

So a huge thank you to……. Our loyal customers
Our wonderful staff for their commitment and hard work
Our family who supported us through the tough times and helped us share the great times
Our children for their patience when mum and dad were not always around
Our friends for keeping us sane
Our suppliers who provided us with great produce and patience

And finally I would like to thank my wonderful husband Jeremy who has always been so successful juggling his role as a great dad, husband and an amazing chef …..and he can actually juggle too X

It would be wonderful to see you before the end of October at Relish but if not if you are ever in Wells next the Sea come and say hello we would love to see you x

Rachael and Jeremy Parke

Pizza on Sunday (until end of October)

From 5pm

All Pizzas £8.00 each

Sides and desserts available too

All cooked in norfolks only outdoor wood fired double opening pizza oven

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